I like my coffee black and my lighting natural.

I love creating cool content – whether it’s writing a compelling script about plumbing supplies or hanging out of the back of a moving vehicle at sunset to capture that perfect car shot. From video production to commercial photography, I’m most comfortable with a camera in hand…and a hot cup of coffee in the other hand.  So go ahead, scroll down and check out some of the people and brands I’m proud to have worked with.

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An Eyecare Professional’s Nightmare: How do you share a cutting-edge adaptive optical product with your patients in unique true-to-life scenarios? Short of letting them just walk out of your store with the product to see for themselves, you really can’t.

Enter the Eyecare Professional’s Dream Come True: Transitions Viewer.  Viewer is an innovative tool that places consumers in real-life scenes and allows them to simulate the Transitions product experience.  The tool presents a variety of products, placed in a variety of everyday scenarios to help demonstrate which product is best for each consumer based on their own unique lifestyle.  Try it out for yourself.